With over 30 years’ experience manufacturing printed adhesive products, our areas of expertise include the Pharmaceutical, Food, Bio-Med, Medical Device, Electronic, and Durable Goods Industries. Our extensive background coupled with stringent ISO based Quality Control guidelines makes us an ideal choice for your project. Please review the 12 selections below to get an idea of some of the items we produce.

Metallic Digi-Foil

Our foil enhanced line of labels involves the use of bright foil label materials which we print with panels of white behind images and colors to make them opaque. The balance of the colors without the white panels will be enhanced to look metallic including various standard tints of gold and silver or any other colors. The finish can be complemented by using a gloss or matte laminate.

Variable Data

When a label needs to be individualized for a variety of reasons VDP or Variable Data Printing allows every label to be distinct and different from all other labels. This can be accomplished by using a human readable serial number, a barcode, a combination of the two, or other methodologies including different images on each label.


The Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Drug Industries are very important as they are a major source of medical innovation. It is also a very heavily regulated industry requiring ISO certification from the vendors that supply labels to them. Drugs and Serums are evaluated for many aspects including safety, efficacy and manufacturing quality. The labels that are applied to these products must consistently meet and exceed the criteria set forth by the manufacturer. We have a long history of serving the Pharmaceutical industry as we understand their requirements and stock many Pharma grade label materials.


Labels manufactured for Food Use need special attention depending on what type of product is to be consumed. We utilize materials designed for indirect as well as direct food contact. We also carry materials that will accommodate very low freezer temperatures including versions that are Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal printable.

Nutritional Supplements

The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 amended the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act in a number of important ways. Notably by requiring most foods, including dietary supplements to bear nutrition labeling. Today it is important not only for the label to include proper nutrition information but it also needs to enhance the product it represents and it must be economical. The combination of our processes and materials help create an attractive and economical label solution.

Bio-Med & Medical

With substantial advances in the Bio-Medical field many new Medical Devices have been created in the past years to help assist in enhancing, prolonging, and saving lives. Using the correct combination of label adhesive, face stock, laminations and print technology are highly critical when the label is being made for and applied to a Medical Device.

Digital (CMYK)

While conventional printing is still a viable method to produce labels, digital printing has carved a large niche in the label manufacturing industry and also has advantages over conventional label printing. These include very high print quality, quick set-up so lead times are often faster, also no plates are required so there is a cost savings for short production runs. Knowing the appropriate print method in which to produce work is critical to the long-term economic success of your print projects.


Barcodes and QR codes are methods of representing data in a visual, machine-readable form. These codes may be simple and include static information such as retail purchasing information, addresses and URLs or the codes may be more complex and include additional information such as variable data. It is important to note that in addition to being able to scan and read these Codes your label producer must also be able to verify them with a qualified device. We are able to verify your Codes and if needed supply a report indicating the quality of the Codes we produce.

Durable Goods

Products that we as consumers purchase can be categorized as either consumable goods or durable goods. Consumable goods are intended to be used quickly as opposed to durable goods which may have a lifespan of several years. It is important that the correct materials and print methods are used to manufacture Durable Goods Labels. Labels applied to durable goods need to last as long as the product they are applied to.


Labels that are intended to be used in an electronic device require specific materials that are often approved by UL (Underwriters Laboratories). The approved materials and the methods in which they are printed need to withstand high temperatures. These labels often include barcodes printed on them.

Screen Printing

The most durable of all print methods, screen printing on labels ensure your products will look great and last for years. The inks used in screen printing are fade resistant, weather proof and resilient to scuffing and scraping without the need for protective laminates. While there are more cost-effective methods for creating long lasting labels, the materials and adhesives used in conjunction with screen-printing create the most durable of all label products.


A durable goods label can be enhanced by adding a crystal-clear polyurethane resin to create a thick rounded dome which creates a three-dimensional effect. This enhancement is especially durable while also being flexible, and much less rigid than a nameplate. While this process is time-consuming, once cured it is optically clear, UV and abrasion resistant, and chemically inert. When produced via our screen-print process it will last for years outdoors and maintain its gloss and clarity.

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